6 things you didn’t know about searching in Spotify

OK, so you think you know how to search for stuff in Spotify do you? Well think again, that search bar is a lot more versatile than you think. Here’s our full guide to how to make the most of a very powerful search function…

Review: Deezer

This is my review of the Deezer music streaming service, based on my experience of using the service for nearly a year. 

How to Build the Perfect Playlist

I love to put together playlists for different occasions and different moods. If you like to do the same, here’s some advice from the Sonos blog on how to build the perfect playlist… How to Build the Perfect Playlist

Could major record labels pull their music from Spotify and YouTube?

It is being reported this week that YouTube and Spotify’s longer-term licensing agreements have expired with at least two if not three of the major record labels. As a result they are apparently going forward in the meantime on the basis of month-to-month rolling contracts. Is this a problem? In both cases, the music continues…

#Teenager6Music is our Playlist of the Week

This week’s Playlist of the Week comes from BBC 6 Music. The Spotify collaborative playlist has been developed as part of BBC Music’s My Generation season. The playlist has been put together to mark 60 years since Teenage Culture hit the mainstream with a playlist of songs by and about teenagers, as explained by producer…

Breaking News: People like streaming The Beatles

They were rather late to the party, only making their music available to streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Tidal in December 2015, but in shock news it turns out that The Beatles have proved to be rather popular.

Which is the best music streaming app? You decide!

The 20th annual Webby Awards will be, er, awarded at a ceremony in May 2016. Webby Winners are selected by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a global organization of industry experts and technology innovators. The nominations have been announced this week in various categories, including Best Music Streaming App. And they are… Pandora Soundcloud…