Track of the Day: Happy | Misty Miller

Get ready for some indie rock because today’s Hear This! track of the day is Happy by Misty Miller from her brand new album The Whole Family Is Worried. I’m loving Misty Miller’s punkier new sound – think Florence Welch crossed with Chrissie Hynde –  with Happy having a fantastically energetic and catchy refrain that…

Track of the Day: Idlewild | Travis feat. Josephine Oniyama

Today’s Track of the Day is Idlewild by Travis. Idlewild appears on the Scottish band’s latest album, Everything at Once, released on 29 April 2016. English singer-songwriter Josephine Oniyama joins in, bringing a welcome female dimension to what is a beautifully chilled track. You may remember her from Original Love a couple of years back….

“In Miracle Land” by The Vines

Today’s Hear This! track of the day is In Miracle Land by The Vines. The Australian indie-rock band were formed in Sydney way back in 1994. In Miracle Land is taken from their forthcoming seventh studio album, the name of which seems to be classified information. The chorus and title are apparently inspired by the…

10 Playlists for the London Marathon

Our Playlist of the Week is actually 10 playlists this week, because we know you like a bit of choice, and because we’re celebrating the the 2016 London Marathon which is coming up this Sunday! If you’re “lucky” enough to be running it, you might be looking for some aural inspiration to help get you around the course….

Let’s hear it for the Brits at Coachella 2016

The first weekend of Coachella 2016 starts today so what better time to celebrate the British music industry, with many of our top acts getting great slots on the bill at America’s most successful music festival.

“How I Got Over” by Reef

Today’s Hear This! track is How I Got Over, the comeback song from ’90’s indie-rockers Reef. And we’re not embarrassed to say that it is really very good indeed. As you’d expect from Reef, it’s on the loud side, but beautifully so, backed by a gospel choir who certainly put some welly in! Check it…

“Come as You Are” by Prep School

Today’s Hear This! track is Come as You Are by Los Angeles band Prep School, which you may recognise from an XBOX commercial. Of course it isn’t the first time that Nirvana‘s classic anthem has been covered, but it is certainly one of the better attempts. Check it out now on Spotify