My Setup

My reviews are all based on my personal experience. Different aspects of services will naturally appeal more to some people than others because we all have different setups and we use services differently. So it might be that some things are more important to me than you and vice versa.

For that reason, I thought it might be helpful to briefly explain my setup and what I’m looking for in a music streaming service so that you can bear this in mind when reading my reviews. So here goes…


At home, I primarily listen to music via my Sonos system, mostly on my Play:5 in the kitchen, where I’ve always got music on, and sometimes in the lounge on my Play:3, especially when friends or family come to visit. I’ve also got a Play:1 in the bedroom, mostly used when I need some tunes when getting dressed or for some party tunes when preparing for a night out.

Occasionally I’ll also play music via my iMac in the study, normally when I’m working and need a little background music.

When I’m out of the house my iPhone comes into play. I’m always listening to music in the car on my commute to work, through my car speakers via my iPhone/Bluetooth.

What I listen to 

I’ve got a broad taste in music. If I had to pick a favourite genre it would probably be indie, but I wouldn’t want to have to choose just one. Depending on my mood, I’m partial to rock, dance, acoustic or even a little classical (very occasionally!)

What I want out of a streaming service 

I want to be able to play good music to suit my current mood with the minimum of hassle.

I’m a big fan of putting together my own playlists. I have a few key ones that I use all the time, as well as a few more specific/specialist ones for more occasional use.

My most important playlist has my current Top 40 (ish) tunes on it. These are all new/recent tunes – or at least they’re new to me. I’m constantly updating it to keep it fresh. My rule is that if a new tune goes on the playlist, one has to come off to make room for it. So I need it to be easy to constantly update playlists in this way.

I also have five general playlists, onto which I can fit most songs I like. These are categorised by mood/speed ranging from calm to loud rock!