6 things you didn’t know about searching in Spotify

OK, so you think you know how to search for stuff in Spotify do you? Well think again, that search bar is a lot more versatile than you think. Here’s our full guide to how to make the most of a very powerful search function…

1. Search for a particular artist

Most of the time, if you’re looking for tracks by Madonna, you’ll probably just type “Madonna” into the search bar. That’s fine, but doing that will also bring up a load of other stuff that you aren’t looking for, for example, the Androids track Do It Like Madonna. If you want to narrow things down so that you only get Madge’s finest hits then simply add artist: before your search, just like this:


2. Search for a particular track

What’s that? You were looking for that Androids track after all? If that’s the case, or indeed you’re looking for any track with the word “Madonna” in the title, then you’ll want to put title: at the start of your search. Like this:


3. Search for a particular genre

If you want to track down songs from your favourite genre, then it’s simple. Just type genre: like this:

genre:”cuban jazz”

And if you’re not sure what genre to look for, you’d be surprised just how many there are to choose from. Fortunately, someone has helpfully put together a list of genres available on Spotify. By the way, if you think you’re limited to rock or indie, think again. There are over 1,400 genres to choose from, with everything from workout to post-teen pop, Christian punk and Turkish hip-hop. There really is something for everyone.

4. Filter to particular years

If you’re only interested in music from a certain year, or period of years, that’s fine too. Just type this in the search box:


5. Combine your searches for greater effect

Interested in early period Madonna only? Too easy. Just join the two search terms together with AND (or the + sign), like this:

artist:madonna AND year:1984-1987

Sorry, what’s that? You HATE early period Madonna? You wanted to use NOT then, so that you get results for everything other than that period, like this:

artist:madonna NOT year:1984-1987
artist:madonna AND year:1984-1987 NOT year:1986

Another useful search tool is to use OR between options. So if you’re prepared to listen to anything so long as it’s Madonna or Meat Loaf (and why wouldn’t you), this is what you’d need to type:

artist:madonna OR artist:”meat loaf”

6. When to use quotes?

Very simply, if your artist, genre, title, whatever is only a single word – like Madonna – you don’t need quotes. But if it’s more than one word – like Meat Loaf – you’ll need to put the phrase in quotes, i.e. “meat loaf”. Simples.

And that’s it. Now go try it out and search like a demon! And if your mates don’t know how to do this too, share this post!


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  1. I wonder if these tips would work with Tidal. And off I go to find out.

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