Podcast Review: For Formula 1’s Sake

With the new Formula 1 season now well underway, it seems to be a good time to check out an irreverant British podcast devoted to everything F1.

So let’s start off with a little background here. I am by no means an F1 nut. I have no more than a passing interest in Formula 1. If it happens to be on the telly, and I happen to have time to watch it then I will, and I’ll enjoy it. I’m usually reasonably up to speed on which driver is leading the championship, but I certainly won’t be watching every race.

In that respect, I am possibly not For Formula 1’s Sake‘s target audience. But it caught my interest so I checked out the Chinese Grand Prix episode, the third in this year’s series, and I rather enjoyed it.

cover170x170The podcast is presented – very professionally – by three F1 fans: former comedian Terry Saunders, freelance radio presenter Cheeka Eyers and motoring journalist Phill Tromans. It is produced by the award-winning podcast guru Matt Hill.

It’s very much a chat down the pub about Formula 1, by people who sound (to me at least) like they know what they are talking about and are enthused by their topic. They discuss incidents from the previous Grand Prix race and comment on all things Formula One in general. It’s pretty irreverant, effortlessly funny and more than a little bit sweary, but that just adds to the genuine good chat down the pub vibe. It’s a very engaging listen.

I may not be the biggest F1 fan in the world, but this is a podcast I’ll keep coming back to. You can find out more about it on their website, whilst the podcast can be downloaded from all the usual places including iTunes and Soundcloud.



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