Spotify’s Your Music feature not working on Sonos? Here’s a workaround…

Spotify’s Your Music feature is fantastic but just won’t play nicely with my Sonos system, almost certainly because I’ve got too many tracks saved in my library for Sonos to be able to handle in one go. This is how I’ve got around this problem…

What is Spotify’s Your Music feature?

Your Music is a Spotify feature which allows you to “own” a virtual collection of singles and albums. You can add any track, album (or indeed artist or playlist) to your own Your Music library by saving it within Spotify. This enables you to build up your own iTunes-style collection of “your own” music that you especially like, making it easy to find and play. Adding tracks to Your Music does not cost anything (in addition to any Spotify subscription you may have) – it is really just a way of organising songs/albums.

For a more detailed explanation, see this really useful blog article.

What’s the problem with it on Sonos?

One of the things I really like about Your Music is that when you’re not quite sure what to listen to, or you want a more varied listening experience, you can go to the Songs library within Your Music, press Play and then listen to songs randomly picked from your library. It’s very much the same thing as going to play your entire music collection on an iPod (remember them?).

This works great on the desktop and mobile Spotify apps, but for me at least, it’s not so great in Sonos. This is almost certainly because I’ve got thousands of tracks saved in Your Music. Sonos effectively treats this as a playlist, but quickly becomes overwhelmed by the sheer number of tracks it is being asked to process. Or at least, that’s what I assume is happening. So whilst Sonos usually plays nicely with Spotify, whenever I try to listen to my Your Music selection, it gives up and goes home.

music-1020084_1920What’s the solution?

The problem (I assume) is that Sonos is trying to put together a playlist of several thousand tracks, and it just can’t cope with a playlist that big. In reality, of course, I don’t need to listen to several thousand tracks in one go – especially when you think that an hour’s continuous listening is usually somewhere around 16-17 tracks.

So my workaround solution is to use the Spotify desktop app to create a special “Your Music Selection” playlist that I can update regularly.

To do this, I go onto the desktop app, navigate to the Songs tab in Your Music and press ‘Play’. I then go to the Play Queue, where there should be 50 or so tracks lined up waiting to be played, all randomly picked from my music collection. I then select all of these and drag them to my “Your Music Selection” playlist. Once it has all synced to the server, that playlist is then available to play from my Sonos, or indeed any other Spotify device.

Once I’ve listened to it, I can go through the same procedure to replace the tracks in my playlist with new ones.

What if I want to listen to more than 50 tracks?

Easy. Just go through the above procedure twice, adding the second lot of songs to the “Your Music Selection” playlist without first deleting the old ones. Repeat as necessary.

Does this workaround help in any other circumstances?

Absolutely. The other area it particularly helps me is when wanting to listen to Your Music when out and about without using up my mobile data allowance. Here’s how:

  1. Create a playlist as set out in the steps above.
  2. On your mobile device and whilst still connected to WiFi, toggle the “Available offline” button and download the playlist to your device.
  3. Ta da! Your playlist is available for offline listening without using mobile data.

Now, if your mobile device has loads of available storage, and you are happy to sync the whole of your Your Music collection onto it, you may not need this workaround. But if like me you’re more restricted, then this is a great way to deal with the problem.



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