How to improve sound quality on Spotify

If the sound quality on Spotify isn’t quite what you’d like it to be, try this quick tip to see if you can improve it.

What are my options?

You can choose to stream music in either Normal, High or Extreme sound quality. You can make different choices for both streaming (i.e. listening to music where it is constantly downloaded to listen to on the fly, whether using mobile data or WiFi) and for syncing (where you download tracks to listen to offline).

What do I need to think about?

Higher quality songs use more space and take more data to stream. So if your mobile device doesn’t have much storage space, or if you’re on a limited data plan for either WiFi or mobile data, you may want to use a lower sound quality setting to save space or data.

On the other hand, the higher the sound quality setting, the better music will sound. Obviously.

How do I change the setting?IMG_3040

On your mobile device, go to Settings (the little cog symbol under at the bottom of the page on your main menu) then choose Streaming Quality (fourth option down) on the next menu. The next page gives you two sets of options, one for Stream Quality and one for Download Quality.

You can set this to Normal (96 kbit/s), High (160 kbit/s) or Extreme quality (320 kbit/s) in each case.

Is there anything else I should look at whilst I’m there?

Yes, there is also a toggle button at the bottom of the page labelled Download over Cellular. If you’ve got restrictions on the mobile data you can use as part of any allowance on your mobile phone account, you should consider making sure that this toggle switch is set to OFF, which it is as the default setting. If switched on, your Spotify app could be downloading music on any playlists or albums you’ve saved for offline listening even when not connected to WiFi, which could be using up a LOT of data.

And that’s it. Check back soon for more Spotify tips and tricks.


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